Class Rules

These are the basic class rules:

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I think this sums up my expectations for our class.  If anyone is creative and wants to make this for me ... I'd be forever grateful! :o)

Here's the behavior chart I'll be using.  The kids make their choices to go up or down on the chart.  If they make it up to "Outstanding" they earn a jewel for their clip!

If they make the choice to move down the chart, they lose 5 minutes of recess at "Think About It" and all of recess and/or lunch recess, or Friday Fun activities  at "Teacher's Choice."  At "Parent Contact" they will be writing a letter of apology and explanation to you and I will be either emailing or calling you about what happened.

* There are special circumstances in which a child will jump levels, i.e. fighting/hitting is an automatic "Parent Contact."
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