Friday, December 30, 2011

Workin' Hard

I've been working super hard over Winter Break to get my new room ready. Trying to organize, decorate, and figure out what I'm doing and what's going to work best for my new class. I was in EVERYDAY the first week of break and then just about every other day the second week of break. Needless to say, it hasn't really been a "break" for me. I actually do like organizing and decorating my classroom though. It's really fun for me! It's finally looking pretty good too! I've also been working hard to make some pretty cool posters and planners and such.

This is an I PICK poster that I made for my library! (I'm pretty proud of it!) It'll help the kids choose the right books for them to read! Pretty snazzy!

More good stuff to come!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


After 5 years of teaching first grade, thinking I was going to be a stay at home mom (economy deciding otherwise, along with my love for material things... yes, I hang my head in shame...) teaching ELL part time, and then having one of my favorite teammates leaving, I'm moving up to take over a second grade class in January. Keep in mind- this is all at the same school.

So, long story short again, I'm taking over a wonderful second grade class in January! I'm nervous, but excited! This class has AMAZING parents! Yes, you read that right! (The kids are pretty awesome too!)

Let me start things off with a little "about me"ness. I'm a Christian. Yes, I'm a Jesus freak. I try to live my life giving glory to God. I'm the wife of the hottest Staff Sgt. in the Air Force, and we have the two most beautiful little girls on the planet. I'm also not biased one bit. Nope. I also like big bows and I cannot lie... on my girls. :o) People here always make fun of my bows but I feel like I live enough in the south that "the bigger the bow the closer to Heaven," applies here too....even if my south is the southwest desert of Tucson, Arizona. I also work in the BEST district in Arizona, literally, and work at the BEST school in that district, (in my opinion!)

This is Hayden (and Teeny) and her headless daddy, but I adore this picture of her!

My sweet Ella
I'm really excited to start this blog about all of the fun things that we're doing in there too! I'm going with a zebra theme, if you couldn't tell by my blog! I love zebra and now's my chance to start fresh with the look of my class! These poor kids aren't going to know what hit them when they come back from break! They are going from a man decorated class to zebra. Yah buddy!

Anywho... Here's a couple of snapshots of some awesome things I've made and can't wait to get in there!

I made this for my desk after seeing one on Pinterest! (Don't forget to follow me! The button's on the left side!) It's a 22 drawer tool box from Lowes that was only $19! Add a little zebra and... perfection!
Pinned Image

Here's my new behavior chart! Zebra duct tape made the perfect border!
Pinned Image

So many more things are to come! I've even posted some awesome things I've made on Teachers Pay Teachers! (Use the button on the left to see my shop!)